Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Okay, I'm Addicted to Angry Birds

I ended up sleeping in the wee hours of the morning the first week I played Angry Birds. The last time I got so addicted to a game was a year ago when I started playing Plants vs. Zombies. I can't explain it, but obliterating pigs using birds has been a great stress-buster. After I finished the first game I managed to curb my addiction. Anyway, now I'm trying to finish Angry Birds on Chrome and discovering the Chrome dimension made the game super fun too. 

My collection was waiting for me when I got home from Singapore the other day.

And then got a couple of keychains from Clipper the other day. They're just PhP55 each. Perfect excuse to change old keychains!

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  1. they're sooo adorable. where can i buy them?
    btw, nice blog. followed you.


  2. nice angry birds toys.

  3. You are absolutely addicted to it. I know a lot of people love it. They are simply adorable even though they really look angry.

  4. if you would allow me to use your blog for an aricle for a campus newspaper your help will greatly appreciated thanks need ur reply asap God bless

  5. its a feature story regarding angry bird collectors, for our school paper thanks

  6. Alrighty, please just send me a copy when you can. Thanks.

  7. 2. what was the feeling when you first played angry birds,in what medium (I Pad, cell phone, computer. 3. what do you feel when you play with it (satisfaction etc.)4. how many hours do you spend playing? 5. how much did you spend on collecting angry bird products? 6. if its ok with you pls take a picture of yourself with your collections. thanks God Bless more power! need your reply ASAP thanks, i'll send you a copy probably december or january

  8. 2. I rarely play games but this one got me hooked and since it required some strategizing to play successfully I was really satisfied with the game. I used an Android phone to play and then eventually played it on Google Chrome since it was free too.

    3. Really happy since it de-stresses me.

    4. The first few days I would spend about 2 hours playing and then now just about 5 to ten minutes.

    5. Less than a thousand pesos.

    6. I unfortunately live in another country now so my toys are back home :)

  9. thanks your answers are a big help God Bless