Wednesday, June 22, 2011

17 Years Ago

I thought I'd break out from hibernation on one of the most important days of my life - Miguel's birthday!

I had him 17 years ago in the midst of Typhoon Gading. He was tiny at 5.6 pounds, but quite a long kid already at 18 inches. My friends said back then that he was the most peaceful looking baby they've ever seen. And it was true despite all the turmoil I was going through during that time.

It wasn't easy, but with support from my family and real friends things just fell into place. What helped though was talking to my Ate's friend who went through the same thing. It was like talking to myself ten years forward. It was what set me off to follow the path that would ensure that my son would have a secure and stable future.

Miguel has been the driving force behind whatever I have achieved. After I had him I managed to become editor-in-chief of our university's literary publication, garner a best thesis award (for my Political Science degree), get a job at the country's leading telco even before I graduate and now work for an international company. I just realized recently something profound (to me at least!), "You can mess up your life, but make sure you don't mess up your kid's!"

It's just amazing how patient Miguel has been with me (not the other way around). I've dragged him around so much (he's my official assistant too) in the last 17 years without any fuss, although now I've been giving him a choice to just stay home (now I'm being a good Mommy). In the past week that I've been sick he's also been cooking for me! (And I hear he's planning to make some leche flan this weekend).

Thank you Papa God for sending me my angel :)

Happy, happy birthday to my one and only, Miguel.


  1. Happy birthday Miguel!

  2. Happy birthday Miguel! :)

  3. happy birthday to Mr Miguel!

  4. Happy Birthday Miguel!

  5. what a sweet post :) Happy Birthday, Miguel!


  7. That's so sweet, Ate Aileen. Happy birthday, Miguel. By the way, I saw a lot of Angry Birds toys over at NBC tent last weekend. Naalala kita bigla. :)

  8. Happy Happy Birthday Miggy ! And congrats to my sweetie Aileen for doing a great job of raising what's to be a fine young man. :)

  9. happy bday miguel!!!

    my youngest will be 2 months old this coming sunday...:-)

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  10. nakakaiyak naman 'to :)

    happy birthday, miguel!