Saturday, January 1, 2011

One.One.OneOne (1.1.11)

Happy new year to everybody!

Our First Christmas Together. The past few days have been crazy busy so I was unable to write. My muse has been feeding me a myriad of thoughts so that added to the confusion as well. Anyway this Christmas was extra special since it was our first Christmas together as a family (me, Jay and Miguel) and we spent it in a simple way - just us, a Christmas tree, gifts and the star of noche buena (pineapple glazed ham). It was truly happy and I could not ask for more.

One Family. An added plus for this Christmas was both my siblings - my Ate and Kuya - who both came home to spend time with Dad. It's been a harrowing year for our family and I'm just glad we managed to pull through for the season.

First Anniversary. Jay and I also celebrated our first wedding anniversary! For some strange reason we both found ourselves broke! We both had no plans for the day, good thing Kuya said we'll all have lunch together so I took the chance to have a photo session with them and my nephews and nieces. After lunch Jay and I just went to the mall to window shop, haha.

So that's our One.One.One! Happy new year!

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  1. Simple but happy. I like your Christmas tree, it reminds me of our Christmas tree during my childhood days.

    Congratulations on the 1 year anniv ate :)
    Happy new year and may you have a great great year ahead with the family :)