Monday, December 27, 2010

And the Bangs is Back! But a Lit'l Traumatized

Going to the salon is equivalent to getting one's tooth pulled by the dentist. Yes, that's how much I don't like going to the salon. Every few months though (that's about twice a year) I force myself to go. It used to be easier since I had Inay, my hairdresser who's been cutting my hair since I was in high school. But he retired and has gone home to the province to set up his own parlor. Not that he was the best hairdresser, but at least I was comfortable with him.

My hair and scalp has been in a dreadful state since my trip to Legaspi last July. I don't exactly know what happened, but my scalp keeps drying up, resulting in falling hair and sometimes the dreaded dandruff. Ugh. I've always been low maintenance, so I've been unusually active in going to the salon. I've been orphaned by Inay, so I've been searching for a "home salon".

Anyway, so I finally found some time to go to the salon. I marked it as an urgent task since my hair and scalp has been going bonkers because of the change of weather. Going to the salon the day before Christmas isn't really the best time to go, but it was the only open time I had so I went with Sweetie to the mall and chanced upon this famous salon. I was already too lazy to the salon I originally intended to go to.

I just got further traumatized. I had a hot oil treatment, so I had to go under that weird contraption. After more than 20 minutes I felt like my brains were getting baked already and felt some hot water drop on my forehead. I looked at the mirror and saw that the contraption was about to rain hot water on me. I immediately got my head out and called the attention of one of the stylists. Good thing I got my head out and stood up because I was almost doused with hot water!

The same thing almost happened to me in Jakarta a few years ago, but the hairdresser was attentive and not multi-tasking like this salon's crew. To make matters worse, the hair dresser left me mid-way when she was cutting my hair and finished another client. I was told that it would only take me about an hour to do the hot oil treatment, trim and eyebrow threading. It took me two hours.

Oh well... I'm never going back to that salon and I think from now on I'll stick to the other type of hair treatment where you don't have to go under that scary hot oil contraption.

And well... the bangs are back!

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