Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Ten Things I Will Do This Year (or Decade)

I was going to say that I was going to make a blog post everday, but I already missed January second! Family matters always take precedence before my blog so that's oftentimes beyond my control. Anyway, I noticed that it took me three years to complete my 2008 listing and I'm still working on the other stuff on that list. So I guess I should make then things I will do for this new DECADE. Hmmm... (in ramdom order)

1. Do something about the leaky heart.

2. Grow an organic vegetable garden (and eventually grow it as a business).

3. Spend the right amount of time online so I can work on my crafts.

4. Do the writing project I've been meaning to do the past 5 years (it's a book!).

5. Go to 3 local destinations I have not been to this year and one international destination if budget permits.

6. Get a car! Grrrrrr! (it's been 3 years since I planned to get one).

7. More time with my family - I practically spend most of my time with my family already and don't have a social life anymore, but well, family's family!

8. Work on investments, cut down on "want" spending and work on other sources of income. Live simply.

9. Work on my service. And, of course, do a great job at work.

10. Learn to cook healthy dishes and help the boys lose weight.


  1. You beat me to my list. Started mine after Christmas but I lack 2 more in my Top 10 list.

    And speaking of #10, luvit ! I was actually pondering on how to eat healthy at home. We definitely need to use our grill again.

    Goodluck to #4. That coincides with revisiting my composing again.

    Amen to #1.

  2. Happy New year to you!

    Hope you'll have an awesome 2011! :D