Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Crispy Pata

Crispy pata is deep fried pork leg which is on top of the many Filipino cardiac delight dishes. Crispy pata is not for the faint hearted, but definitely a delicious dish that you would crave for often.

And that's why I accepted the invitation of Max's Restaurant for an evening with crispy pata. I just couldn't resist!

I've eaten crispy pata many times already and I must say that there are three key success factors to a delicious crispy pata.

(1) it's not oily
(2) the skin is crispy
(3) the meat should come off the bone easily

I'm no expert chef, but I can pretty sure say that the three factors are hard to meet. Max's Restaurant definitely met my expectations. An added plus was the soy sauce-vinegar dip that came with the meat. I didn't add the sili because it was just good as it is.

The PhP865 meal* came with sinigang na bangus. The soup dish definitely matched the crispy pata and made me feel good that I was eating something nutritious to go with the meat.

Dessert was buko pandan. I had taken a spoonful already before I remembered to take a photo! Haha. It was pretty good too.

Of course, my table-mates were hubby and my crispy pata connoissieur friend, Juned.

We definitely loved the crispy pata... hehehe.

*Crispy pata + 4 rice + 4 glasses of soda + sinigang + buko pandan, roughly just PhP200+ per person for a group of four!


Interesting to note that if you are abroad you can do two things with Max's Restaurant:

(1) Go eat in any of their 7 international locations.
(2) Order online for your family back home! Just go to the Max's website.

And did you notice the cool uniform and motorcycle of their delivery crew?


  1. winner yung crispy pata...chaka...pinicturan mo talaga si delivery man? hehe

  2. @Sendo korek! Oo pinicturan ko, he's kinda cute! Kelangan pakita ko sa bespren ko. Haha.