Wednesday, December 8, 2010

At the Visayas Blogging Summit

Last weekend I was privileged to do the kick-off talk during the Visayas Blogging Summit. What 99% of the attendees didn't know was my presentation file got corrupted and I had to redo the whole thing just before I went up to speak. Good thing the summit started quite late and I had some time to work on my preso.

With other VBS speakers/organizers, Flow, Laslo, Ria, Anton, Tonyo, Eric Ganda
(I unfortunately wasn't able to get to know the guy beside Anton)

Anyway, here's the presentation I slaved on days before the summit, you can download it here -

The summit was an enjoyable experience. The organizers brought in the Dinagyang dances to kick off the summit. I had wanted to take a video of their dance, but I was unfortunately prepping for my talk then. Sweetie and Miguel though took really great photos of the dance.

 Miguel's photo.

I also immensely enjoyed the heritage tour that the organizers prepared. We started early and met up at the Museo Iloilo and then we passed by the Old Capitol Building of Iloilo on our way to the river where our jeep was waiting. It took us almost an hour and a half to get to our first stop -- the "Church of San Joaquin" where we also had some yummy buko pie for snacks. Then we stopped over at a public cemetery.

Juned got a lot of ribbing when we went to his alma mater, UP Miagao. We went around the campus, all the while asking Juned about his college days. It was a bit hard to take photos from a moving jeep hehe, but I didn't miss taking a photo of Juned "reminiscing".

Then we went to the famous "Miagao Church" and spent a lot of time taking photos. Good thing Marcos convinced them to open the church so we can take a peek inside. It was my first time there so I made a wish.

After Miagao Church we fueled up at "Tatoy's Manokan and Seafood". I stuffed myself with so much lechon and fish I don't know how I managed to eat almost 3 mangoes! They had to carry me back to the jeep because I couldn't walk anymore (just kidding).

After lunch we proceed to the "Simbahan ng Molo" and then the "Jaro Cathedral". We actually didn't complete the tour because we decided to hear mass at the cathedral. It was a totally different experience hearing mass in Ilonggo at the cathedral.  The whole mass was solemn and you could feel that everyone was praying deeply. I specifically wanted to hear mass at the cathedral so I could say thank you for the miracle bestowed on me.

I'm really glad I went to the summit. Congratulations to the VBS organizers! Good job!

*Oh, if you want to read more about my Iloilo experience, I will be posting them at my travel blog, Lakwatsera Ako.


  1. Great to hear you speak for the first time :) As my tweet said, you kicked off the summit with a light and content-rich presentation.

  2. Ate, Estan Cabigas yung katabi ni Anton. He did a talk on Travel Blogging. :)

    VBS was a great experience. See you again this weekend! :)

  3. @Glenn I had to pack it in! Hehehe. Thanks ;)

    @Ria ahhh, na-shy ata kasi siya sa akin hehehe. See you in 2 days!