Tuesday, December 14, 2010

At the 2010 Philippine Blog Awards

It's truly amazing how blogging has evolved in the past few years. And this year I saw for myself the community grow -- in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao and I managed to attend in all three legs of the 2010 Philippine Blog Awards (and all the summits too!).

I brought my sister with me to the awards night last night so she'd see and meet all of my crazy blogger friends. My blog has been part of how I update my family and friends about my whereabouts since most of my loved ones don't live here in Manila anymore, so I was pretty pleased to introduce my sister to everyone we bumped into last night. (Friends, now you know how I'm going to look like when I'm a golden girl already haha).

I knew the organizers of the 2010 Philippine Blog Awards wanted a simple event. They really did an awesome job and I knew things were going to be great when Gabe (Mercado) came out in his pajamas and stuffed bedroom sleepers (if you didn't know, Gabe has been vlogging at since last year). Great job Gabe (I couldn't help but remember how much fun we had during our wedding reception last year because of him and Mhel).

If you are a blogger, you should read Manolo's keynote speech. It's here.

So Coy did a little joke on me and Gail. We both thought that we were just going to literally hand out the trophies. Just before the event started we were handed our scripts and briefed that we were going to be announcing winners. Haha!

My "Nobody reads my blog :( " was given to me by Orman during the Soxbloggers Christmas party. I immediately loved it and told him I was going to wear it during the Philippine Blog Awards. I also got my boys their own blog shirts. Miguel's "More people have read this shirt than your blog" was a big hit and Jay's "I blog and Plurk a lot" also got noticed. Orman said he'll set up a FB page for it so whoever wants to order can just sign up there.

Congratulations to the winners of the 2010 Philippine Blog Awards. Here's the list of winners -

Best Blog in Advocacy Category – Web Safety Philippines by Sonnie Santos
Best Blog in Beauty and Lifestyle Category – The Reluctant Stylista by Alexandra Lapa
Best Blog in Business Category – Ready to be Rich by Fitz Villafuerte
Best Blog in Culture and Arts – Anik-anik Love by Mitch Mauricio
Best Blog in Entertainment Category – Without Wang2 by Nickie Wang
Best Blog in Food and Beverage Category – Happy Foodies by Ferdz Decena
Best Blog in Gaming Category – Back 2 Gaming by B2Gamers
Best Blog in Hobby and Recreation – Back 2 Gaming by B2Gamers
Best Blog in Home and Parenting Category – iMom by Chats Siao
Best Blog in Humor Category – The Professional Heckler by Loi Reyes Landicho
Best Blog in Lifestyle – The Creative Dork by Robbie Bautista
Best Blog in Literature / Literary Category – City Buoy by Nyl Lim
Best Blog in Personal/Diary Category – by Yoshke Dimen
Best Photoblog – Gerryruiz Photoblog by Gerry Ruiz
Best Blog in Social, Politics and History – The Pro Pinoy Project by The Pro Pinoy Project
Best Blog in Sports – Filipino Boxing Journal by Kenneth Ragpala
Best Blog in Technology Category – My Silly Point of View by Richard D. Feraro
Best Blog in Travel Cateogry – Just Wandering by Nina Fuentes
Best Blog in Video and Podcasts – Pinoy How To by Buddy and Yael Gancenia
Best Blog Design – The Reluctant Stylista
Bloggers’ Choice Award – CHKSLG
Readers’ Choice Award – Green Archers
Best Filipiniana Blog – My Sarisari Store
Top Blog Post for 2010 – Do They Read Blogs in Heaven? by
Top Posts for 2010
EXCLUSIVE: GMA Breaks Her Silence by the Professional Heckler
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Top Photo Posts for 2010
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Top Video Posts and Podcasts for 2010
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  1. How come almost every presenter says the same thing! I blame Juned! Hahaha!

  2. @Arbet haha! It was Coy who asked me to be a presentor and I asked him if I was just going to hand out the trophies... come to think of it... he didn't reply back coz I already confirmed that I'd be a presentor. Switik ah!

  3. Naisahan kayo! You have to hand it to Coy haha.

  4. Congratulations to everyone! :)

  5. I really love the shirts! :)

    Hope to see you soon Ate.

    Congratulations to all the winners especially those from Mindanao! :)

  6. i love this Post….!!!
    its is so awesum…….i ws lost in a trance while i ws readin it……
    gr8 wrk !!!!

  7. Haha, I envy your role! I wasn't there during the awarding so my sister claimed the awards for should've been my first blog awards, but I was out of town. Now I'll never get the chance to get up that stage unless I host! :))

    Great post! Congratulations to all the finalists and winners. :D


  8. This is the great event to encouraging the young blogger in their field