Thursday, May 13, 2010

Happy 25th Birthday SM Supermarket!

I remember going to SM Makati when I was a kid. It's where my Mom bought all of my school shoes and I remember once she had to return and exchange the Gregg shoes she bought for me because I wanted Kung Fu shoes (if you remember that you're probably my age). I also remember the carabao statues that littered the park.

I remember SM did some renovations and then SM Supermarket in Makati was opened. I always went with my Mom whenever she went grocery shopping and I'd always get some additional stuff when she was busy completing her list (Miguel inherited this trait too...karma!). Throughout the years I've just been coming back especially when I started working since I always took my ride home at the terminal beside SM Makati.

How time flies. I was pleasantly surprised when I was invited to attend SM Supermarket's 25th anniversary a few weeks ago and I'm glad I found the time to attend since SM has been part of my life since I was a kid. The years I spent tagging along my Mom whenever she went grocery shopping paid off since that's how I learned how to shop for a household. I can say that since I got married my shopping behavior has drastically changed. And now I can cook!

Thank you SM Supermarket for recognizing my new-found passion for cooking and including me as one of SM's Food Council. I was definitely surprised that I was included in the council since I'm just a newbie to cooking and some of the other members are veteran chefs! I just hope I won't be asked to have a cook off with them or even do a cooking demo since I'm sure I'll just mess up. Haha! Happy birthday!

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