Monday, May 17, 2010

Get Some Free Krispy Kreme Doughnuts for Mom

We were all so busy because of the elections and a number of you probably missed doing something special for your Mom (I almost did). I only managed to deliver my Mom our gift, I know though that she would've loved to sample Krispy Kreme's Mango Kreme Cake (my Mom is bananas over mango, pun intended).

Hopefully when my crazy schedule eases up I hope I can spend a lazy afternoon with my Mom with some Mango Kreme Chiller. Correction, I'll make the time when I get back from Cebu.

Well here's a chance to get your Mom a dozen doughnuts! Just do the following:

1. Add Chloe, the official Krispy Kreme girl on Facebook (just search for "Chloe Krispy Kreme").
2. Email Chloe a photo of you and your Mom having a magical moment with a brief description (2-3 sentences) on why it's magical. When emailing Chloe ( please include the following:

Facebook name:
Blog where you saw the promo: An Apple a Day (
Date of submission:

I will be posting your photo here in my blog once Chloe sends it. The best photo will get a dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts! There will be 2 winners: (1) May 17-21, 2010 and (2) May 24-28. If you win you can claim your doughnuts from May 24-31, 2010.

Here's my magical moment with my Mom:

One of the most important moments in our life is our wedding day. The moment you wear your wedding gown is a rite of passage which becomes complete when your Mom helps you wear your gown. This is a magical moment that you should pass through with your Mom.

Update: Here are the photos from those who joined the promo. Enjoy!

May 24, Update: Sorry I haven't announced the winner for week 1 yet. Please bear with me, I am currently in the Visayas Region. Please tell your friends to submit their entries for week 2!


  1. i want to join here but i haven't seen my mom (in Vegas since 2001) and i don't have any pic with her since she left.huhuhu

  2. @Josephine kahit old pic should do! Sali ka na!

  3. Submitted my entry :)

  4. @MinnieRunner thank you! I'll wait for Chloe to send it to me :)