Sunday, May 9, 2010

Citizen Election Monitoring for E-Day 2010

I excused myself after dinner and left the boys to clean-up so I can spend some quiet time to think about who I would vote for tomorrow's national and local elections. I decided to keep mum about my choice because I wanted to focus my energy on some projects that I hope would help our electorate.

My bets in the last 2 presidential elections lost. Both my choices would've made great presidents. They were great statesmen and would've served our people well. Too bad the progress we were experiencing back in the 90s have gone awry in the past decade. And I always wonder what could've happened if those I voted for won.

No use in crying over spilt milk. The only way to go is forward and I am ever hopeful that we will move forward if we all get our act together and serve our nation. My hope is alive because I have seen the Filipino bayanihan spirit make its presence several times. Noteworthy were "Ondoy" and now through citizen election monitoring and mapping of precincts.

Tomorrow is THE day and we all must be vigilant. Here's a way you can send in reports via SMS, email or web about irregularities in your precinct/area:

Smart mobile users: text reports through number 5656 (typing "BOTO "),
Other texters: use 0905-304-2534,

Email reports to reports@aeswatch. org,

Key in reports directly on the website http://www.aeswatch .org or

Send reports via Twitter using the hash tag: #aes, #aeswatch, #juanvote, #halalan, #mindanao2010

Best to include the precinct number, municipality or city, and province, followed by the incident. Reports received are pinned on a digital map of the Philippines which can be found on the AESWatch site (done by volunteers!). The monitoring center of AES Watch will be located at Ang Bahay ng Alumni in U.P. Campus, Diliman, Quezon City . You are all welcome to drop by and provide morale support to the volunteers.

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