Thursday, July 2, 2009

Villa Estrella

I don't get to watch that many movies and I just choose what I watch. I was enamored with the trailer of Villa Estrella and thought it was a flick I should watch with Miguel and my niece. I also received 2 free tickets from HSBC in the mail so we went to the mall this evening to watch.

On the way to the mall we tried to scare each other and thought that we'd probably have a hard time sleeping. I even kidded Miguel that he might see the mumu kid by his window tonight.

My pulse rate did not even change throughout the movie.

The story was pretty straightforward. There were a couple of twists and turns, but I guess because it was quite linear the pace of the movie was crawling. I've watched a couple of local horror films in the past few years and I think what made them believable and scary (like T2) was because it was realistic. Also revenge as a driving force for a story just doesn't always work because we see that everyday on telenovelas.

The monster in the pool just wasn't believable. Empoy (as Otap in the movie) even asked the creature, "Are you a monster or an alien?" before he got sprayed with goo and eventually drowned in the pool. T2 gives me the shivers until now because I know the scary scenes in the movie came from stories that you'd here from local folk.

I think though the background music was awesome. The actors too were great, too bad the story just wasn't enough to raise my pulse rate.

But this is just my opinion and I'm not a movie critic. I'm just someone who likes watching Filipino made movies. Here's the trailer in case you wanna watch -


  1. I also got a feedback that this movie wasn't thrilling at all. So I opted to let this pass even if I'm a fan of scary movies.

  2. Okay.. it's decided. I won't be watching it. Maybe I'll wait for it on Cinema1. Hehe! Blog-hopping.. Hello! :D