Thursday, July 23, 2009


I originally wanted to write about my pet pig since it was brought up in a conversation the past week, but this thing about Napoleon has been eating me up in the past few days.

Wikipedia says that the Napoleon Complex is a colloquial term describing an alleged type of inferiority complex which is said to affect some people, especially men, who are short in stature". Quite derogatory, but for this blog post isn't about men who are short in stature, but people who have severe inferiority complex.

You see I've fallen victim to a couple of people with this complex and when I was younger I would just cry, sometimes under my table. It was frustrating because I was taught by my parents never to answer back to "elders". I just accepted what they would hurl at me. I was too subservient. Too mabait. And stupid me I allowed them to conquer me.

Love. The worst kind of boyfriend one could have is the one who'd try to conquer your whole being. Calling the office guard to find out what time you left and who you were with in the elevator, controlling what you wear, where you go and what you eat is something that should scare the @#$% out of you.

At work. Someone told me the other day that politics starts when you bring 2 people together. And that's true because politics is about the struggle for power. I cannot explain how much pain I've been through with the trauma I got from Napoleons at work. It's hard to describe what I went through but I think you'd get the picture with this infamous line:
"You are after my job!"

I have since moved on and thankfully regained my battered self-esteem. It's been years and I just find it funny now. I guess I have since grown up and realized my worth better. The world is also huge, what you may think as big may just be a tiny dot in the ecosystem. And those Napoleons? I hear they are still very much the same. Defending their small little turf and getting more mean every single day.

It was a lesson that took me a long time to learn. I wish though I had my Mom's guts since she told me the other day that in her day she'd throw in some punches to defend herself. At least I have learned how to walk out at the right time. I do pray though that someday Napoleon(s) would realize that there is more to life than power and there are people who would love them if they will just let them in.

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  1. so so true. i was the subject of bullies once... a long, long time ago. since then i've learned to defend myself and give back better than i took them. though i still don't like to bully or bullies.

    self esteem is hard to be self-taught, but that's exactly what i did with myself.