Wednesday, July 8, 2009

07-08-09, Hotdogs, Ice and GTUG PH!

I started this post the other day and 56 hours later I had to erase what I started because it's not relevant anymore. Anyway, I wanted to do a post on July 8, 2009 because it was a unique day and 7-8-9 is not going to happen again anytime in my lifetime.

I've been so busy in the past two months I haven't had any time to sit down and do an honest to goodness post. I've been spending my extra time either bugging Sweetie/Miguel or sleeping and I've been terribly too busy to do stuff for the wedding. Arggghhh.

GOBBLE UP HOTDOGS! I managed to go to the launch of 7-Eleven's Big Bite Match promo and I just couldn't believe how Tom gobbled up 10 hotdog sandwiches in 3 minutes and 23 seconds! It took me more than 10 minutes to finish 1 whole sandwich. Anyway, if you have the appetite to gobble up 10 hotdog sandwiches in a flash then do join the contest. (That's Tom in the photo. He held the most number of hotdog sandwiches eaten in 2008 at 66 in 10 or 12 minutes. He looks like someone we all know from the geek world. Diba?)

ICE. I made plans to watch Ice Age 3 too since I got an invitation, but apparently the invites were no good since they opened up the event to free-signing and it was a mess after that. I got terribly annoyed `bout it and I the feedback I gave has been left unanswered. I haven't watched until now since I've been quite busy. Heard though that the movie was hilarious.

GTUG. I'm not as geeky as I want to be and now I regret not taking up computer science back in college (one of the things my Dad wanted me to do) and believe me when I say that my knees shake a lot whenever I need to do stuff in front of developers. It's a totally different world for me, but I can say that I'm making myself proud with my involvement with the Google Technology Users Group. Hopefully one day I'll make good my promise to Patrick that I'll learn Java (if he's 8-year old can do it, so can I! Hopefully).

Thanks to the famous blogger Winston for the photos.

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