Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Donuts and a Talakayan Forum

Before I start making you hungry with donut-talk thought you guys might be interested to watch PPCRV's Talakayan Forum -

July 16, 2009, Thursday
4:00 - 8:00 p.m.
Plaza Miranda
*will also be shown via ANC from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m.

More info here.

I guess I'm a donut person even though my tonsils usually protest about the barrage of sugar. When I was a kid we usually had home-made donuts for merienda. Remember those mixes you could just buy from the grocery? I usually helped in mixing the batter and then my Tita would fry it and I'd have the time of my life sprinkling sugar on the donut. Nomnomnomnom.
Nowadays all you need to do is go to a donut shop and buy. So yesterday I decided to spend my afternoon and work at Krispy Kreme. If donut-scent was available as aroma oil, incense or a candle, I'd probably buy it because it keeps me awake, alert and productive!

I was surprised to see a lot of friends at KK yesterday and if I were to join the the Krispy Kreme Fave Fan Search I'd probably share my experience about why I like hanging out at Krispy Kreme. (1) Food + free wifi gets me going and productive and (2) Meeting up with friends.

Left to Right: Yummy donuts; with Sweetie;
My buddies from Y! Jonas and Ederic;
Jonas shows off 3D ultrasound of his baby
(photos by JayDJ and the last one from Az).

Yesterday was fun-filled (and I did work!) since I got to chat with a number of friends that I don't see often: Jonas and Ederic who I last saw together in Singapore a few months ago, Juned, Az, Lace, AJ, Nina, Eric the Reyna, Phoebe, Mom bloggers - Jane, Teacher Julie and Noemi.

Happy 6 dozen years Krispy Kreme!