Thursday, June 11, 2009

Tibay ng Pilipino

I think Filipinos are the most resilient people in the whole wide world. We always find a way out of difficult situations. We are flexible. We easily adjust to situations. We complain and rant, but we always find humor even in tragic situations.

I was born during the era of Martial Law. I remember my Dad was part of the fact-finding commission of Ninoy. I remember my Kuya spending his birthday in EDSA (I). I remember sending my birthday food to soldiers during the 1987 coup d' etat. I remember being a poll watcher for PPCRV. I remember my Mom being part of the secretariat of Sen. Jovito Salonga's presidential campaign. My first vote during the Sangguniang Kabataan elections. My first presidential vote. The lightning rally I joined in Quiapo. EDSA II.

And then my priorities changed. I couldn't spend as much time outside as I used to. Gone were the days that I could just up and join FGDs and attend rallies, but I realized that there are things I could do for my country in my own little way. And I think the most important thing I decided to do was STAY.

It's midnight and I know I'm rambling. But I guess I just want to celebrate all the good things we still have as Filipinos. We have love. We have our family. We have each other. And we have HOPE. We can do this!

And I would like to thank Google for our very first local doodle! Super duper hugz!


  1. Anonymous4:58 AM

    Thanks Google! We've all longed for our own version of the Google Doodles and what better way to kick things off than by making a Philippine flag-inspired doodle and showing it on Independence Day! Mabuhay!

  2. yeah, it brings good shivers to the spine. it makes you proud to be a filipino!

    thanks, Google!

  3. Cool. That's really cute. Good to know na may own Google doodle na rin tayo;)

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  5. i also have the google independence day badge in my blog. i hope they keep it for the whole month of june.