Wednesday, June 24, 2009

How to Get your Friendship Request Ignored on Facebook

I do try to review my friend requests on Facebook whenever I have the time and I'm happy whenever I see a request from a long-lost friend. It baffles me though why some people would add you even if you don't know them, like this guy who said -

"Hello Aileen, how's life? I've just started a facebook page. I was looking to find old and meet new friends then came into you profile so I have included in you in my list."

I'm sorry Sir, but I have never met you in my entire life and I do not wish to take part in your impending political campaign.


  1. Baka classmate daw kayo nung Grade 5? (Sa St.Scho)

  2. @kaoko hahaha, unless long-lost professor ko pala siya?

  3. Kapitbahay daw niya ung pinsan ng bayaw ng favorite vendor mo sa may inyo. That's why. :)

  4. @jon friend ni Manong Taho perhaps?

  5. hahaha. ako rin nakatanggap sa ibang pulitiko. Pero di ko sya in-add, kasi talagang di naman kami magkakilala, at di ko rin sya iboboto hehe