Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Let's Talk about Donuts

Back in first grade I almost flunked a spelling test because I was one of the 100% who did not spell it right. My then English teacher was so giddy about it since no one spelled it right. She said it should be spelled -


Of course, everyone thought it was spelled donuts because of the only existing donut store back then (the one with the orange and pink logo).

I love donuts and I don't know anybody who doesn't like it. It was my sister who first brought home a box of honey-dipped flavored donuts when I was a kid. Eventually I ventured out and liked the bavarian flavor and later on it was my officemate, Fe, who influenced me to love choco-butternut. Uhhmmmm.

And then the donut revolution happened! There are now more donut brands, but there's one that I've been waiting to open here because of their almond topped donut. Hopefully soooooon!

I'm very picky though with the flavor I eat because my tonsils are very sensitive. One wrong bite and it could send me to tonsilitis hell. Anyway, I received a boxful of classic peanut butter & stripes from Krispy Kreme the other day. The smell was heavenly. And what great timing! I had tonsilitis! So you can just imagine my frustration.

The new flavor is for Father's Day and I ended up thinking about it the whole afternoon. I debated with myself whether or not I should taste it since the doctor repeatedly told me not to eat any sweets.

My Plurk friends know I lost coz I gave in and sampled a small piece. I was in donut heaven. I found a new favorite! The instant karma I got after eating was worth the donut. You absolutely have to try it!

Thanks KK!

*photo from GM


  1. the donut talk got to me. i want one now :)

  2. i'm sick of donuts. worked for 3 years at DD with 1 year as a production manager. can you imagine looking at thousands and thousands of donuts everyday. and i even have to sample some of them for quality checking.

    when i commute after getting off work passengers look strangely at me cause i smell like donuts (LOL).

    i still eat donuts but i'm not crazy about them. my kids love them though.

  3. @marcuss that's sad! Well I hope eventually you get over that feeling. I love DD too!