Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Taho is one of my favorite breakfast food. Taho is made of soft tofu with arnibal and pearl sago.

Ever since I can remember every morning the "Manong Taho" drives by on his pedicab and shouts out "Tahooooooooo!" When I was a kid I would run out to call him back to our house. I remember the first Manong Taho in our village was Manong Jabar. Unlike though the gigantic basketball player by that name, Manong Jabar was the complete opposite. Eventually when Manong Jabar grew too old to sell taho he passed on his territory to his son in law, our current Manong Taho (see pic).

Yesterday morning I was so envious of Miguel's tall glass of taho and I luckily woke up early today to get my fill. Here's how we buy taho right at our doorstep -


  1. waaahh. Nalingaw ko ate :P

  2. Sa village din namin, part na sa paglaki nga mga bata si Manong Taho. :) Kakatuwa!