Thursday, April 16, 2009

T2 (the Movie)

When the trailer of T2 first came out on TV I knew I had to watch the movie. I like watching local movies, especially suspense/horror ones that have a good story. I felt that T2 had the right elements like Feng Shui, Sukob and Sigaw

And I was right.

Don't expect T2 to make you scream while watching it, but it will keep you awake at night because the story behind it is realistic. The fact that some scenes were shot at the "Emme" in Quezon and the Camarines Sur going to Samar made me squirm in my seat. That's because the road is very familiar to me and I've heard a lot of hair-raising stories about the area. The story also incorporates a lot of local folklore about enkantos and other things that we usually just hear from our yayas, lolo, lolas and titas. 

I used to write horror stories back in college and T2 definitely had a good number of twists, not only story-wise but through it's cast as well! I was pleased that they kept secret who were part of the whole cast because it was a very pleasant surprise. I won't say who it is because that would spoil the surprise. Anyway, I loved every single character in the movie and they were all relevant and played their parts perfectly. 

Psst! Psst! I hope I won't hear that later when I go to sleep.

Here's the trailer of the movie -

T2 (Tenement 2)
Artists: Maricel Soriano, Mika dela Cruz, Eric Fructoso, Derek Ramsay, Tetchie Agbayani, Camille Prats, K Brosas, Mon Confiado
Directed by: Chito Rono

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  1. didn't even make me blink... kinda funny in a way. oh, well... the only worthwhile experience was the companion i had. ;)