Thursday, April 9, 2009


I love photos. I like taking photos. Being photographed. Printing photos. Looking at photos and I ooh and aah whenever I see something awesome. And I try my best to take nice, decent photos.

A few weeks ago I was invited to attend a photography workshop sponsored by Pixel Pro and I grabbed the chance to go since: (1) It's free; (2) I want to learn more about taking photos; and (3) I definitely need help in taking photos of food (to make `em look delectable).

Mike Mariano, a renowned fashion photographer did the session for us and I'm happy to say that I learned a couple of new tricks! 

Here's some photos I took during the workshop, check out the fruits!

Pixel Pro by the way sells really cool cameras and accessories. I finally got the perfect camera stand for my Canon G9 (thanks ha!). They have a shop in Greenhills (3rd floor, near Filbars). 


  1. Oi Aileen, Congratulations pala on your engagement.

  2. I read about your engagement din! Congrats, Aileen (and Sweetie, tama ba?), and keep us updated!