Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Telenovela Roll

During the times that I do watch TV I watch telenovelas too and when I got sick the only thing you can just do is watch TV. 

My favorite TV channels are ABS-CBN, Discovery Channel, National Geographic and Myx. I left Miguel control the remote more often than not and just watch what he watches. He doesn't watch telenovelas though and would rather sit in front of the PC to watch Youtube videos or study apps by following tutorials.

So the past few nights I thought about writing a blog post about the telenovelas I've been watching (and have decided not to watch). I'm bad at remembering TV channels so I'm usually stuck on ABS-CBN after dinner.

Telenovelas are a lot like sushi, don't you think? They come in different flavors:

1. Dyosa - I didn't like Dyosa when it started, but eventually the story kinda changed and it became charming. My Mom though said that she doesn't understand why people just keep getting kidnapped or zapped every other day. 

2. I Love Betty La Fea - I'm a fan of John Lloyd, `nuff said. 

3. Kahit Isang Saglit - Best storyline and I think well done. Goes to show that when there's pressure to do really well we can do it. 

4. Eva Fonda - Christine Reyes is very pretty and sexy indeed, the show though for me is very violent and too sensual to be shown on primetime bida. So I just usually change the channel when this comes up. (If you're a fan, I'm so sorry, but that's just my opinion).

5. There's was this Korean soap that was a no-brainer, I think it was "Three Dad's and a Mom" or something. It was funny and when I say it's a no-brainer, I mean it's a show that you can just watch and laugh because of the engot things they do. 

Pinoy Fear Factor is not a telenovela, but looks like one coz there's drama to it compared to it's foreign versions. I guess this is so coz they're stretching it to fit a whole week. I also find it weird they decided to use many Spanish words. 

Well, this is what happens when your movements are limited. LOL.


  1. Kahit Isang Saglit - Best storyline and I think well done. Goes to show that when there's pressure to do really well we can do it.

    - pressure from where? :P

  2. @regnard pressure that it's going to be shown in several countries

  3. I 100% agree with your observation and reviews.

  4. I still like "Iisa Pa Lamang" as my all-time favorite telenovela. Haven't followed Kahit Isang Saglit that much... only when I it's the only thing on TV being watched by my folks.

    I'm not a fan of supernatural telenovelas... so anything that contains magic, extra-terrestrial beings, angelic and demonic creatures, or cartoon characters doesn't get my viewing pleasure.

    Pinoy Fear Factor is interesting because it's a first but it's also dragging that they prolong what could be shown in I guess 1 to 2 weeks tops.

  5. ah ok. I didn;t know that. :)

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