Sunday, December 7, 2008

PacMan Wins vs. De La Hoya

I must admit I slept through the fight. LOL. I watched several of Manny Pacquiao's fights before and it always got me too excited. I did not want to get stressed so I slept.

BUT, I woke up just in time to catch the interviews after he was declared a winner. I admire both fighters for being humble when they were being asked questions that they could've used to make yabang. De La Hoya kept saying that he had nothing bad to say about Manny and that Pacquiao deserves all the accolades. Manny, on the other hand, also just said that he's just a boxer who'd train hard for any fight he has to do. 

Despite all the disappointment I've been feeling about Manny because he joined the political bandwagon (and lost), I felt proud. He is a Filipino after all and I'm sure he made a lot of sacrifices to win the fight. I just hope he doesn't run for any government position anymore. 

Congrats PacMan!


  1. Congrats to the Pambansang Kamao.

    I hope, too, that he wouldn't pursue his political ambitions. He's just being exploited.

  2. I have the same sentiments, Aileen. I also hope that he will not try politics again come 2010. :)

  3. I'm just happy he won again :)

    @aileen: off-topic but I've been meaning to ask you if you know how long it takes for the data in mapmaker be integrated into google maps?

  4. @tiohem let's pray!

    @abbie we hope!

    @avatar it will come =)

  5. congrats to pacquiao but adsense is really frustrating, theyve disabled me because of this

  6. @mr. j awww that's sad to hear. you may want to ask support about it, just search at the adsense help center =)

  7. ive just replied to them on the appeal form. I had almost 100,000 hits that day, I was happy right after I saw my earnings and after that theyve disabled me, its really unfair for my part their advertisers benefited from me.

  8. Dec. 13,2008

    I was not wrong in my analysis that Manny Pacquiao will win against Oscar De La Hoya in their "DreamMatch" bout.De La Hoya's weight reduction for the fight has a great disadvnatage on him because something will be
    missing which is important part in his fight.It would be much better for a boxer to gain weight than to reduce weight especially if his opponent has also won several fights.
    But I'm against Manny's desire to enter politics.It's better for him to remain as a
    professional boxer since he is already popular
    in this field. Even if he is not a politilcian he can still help the poor people if he really wants to help them by creating jobs with his millions and preferably hire poor and jobless people in his place in General Santos City and
    it neighboring towns. And it would good for him if hire a tutor to teach him or enroll in school for a 4-year college course like Business Administration and Law course.
    Again,congratulations to Manny Pacquiao.

    Jun Gorpido

  9. Jan.17,2009

    Here's my addtional comment with the hope that Manny Pacquiao will seriously consider this admonition for his own good and that of his family.My concern for him being a professional boxer is also the concern of most of his numerous fans nationwide. Here it is below.

    Manny Pacquiao Should Not Enter The Political Arena
    By Quirico M. Gorpido, Jr.

    Maasin City, Southern Leyte-Manny Pacquiao, an obscure man in the past, but now shines like a gem in the world of boxing as champions in 4 different divisions, should not and must not enter politics. He should take heed to the advice of his mother, relatives and fans. Whoever advises Manny Pacquiao to enter politics is not actually helping him. He /she would be leading him to an unredeemable downfall. Manny himself must also recognized that academically and educationally he is not qualified, whether he would accept it or not. This is an advice of concern from one of his fans. Most of his fans think that he should not enter politics and must remain as a boxing icon, being the only Asian who wins in 4 various weight divisions (including the 3 successive wins in his career within a year in 2008).
    He must be proud of this achievement of course, but not to the extend of entering the political arena, where he knows nothing yet about governance.Pacquiao can serve and help the poor Filipinos if he really wants too without tainting himself with dirty politics. This is one of the things that he must avoid venturing into, for it’s not sure hit for him. With his millions and millions of money he can create jobs that would generate employment and preferably hire the poor and jobless people where his businesses are established. There’s no need for him to enter politics, which he is not prepare to face this strange area. He must be satisfied in what he has already accomplished.
    It would be better for him now to continue his study in Business Management and his English language tutoring and to engage in marketing and in other business activities to improve his skill in business endeavor. With his vast money deposits, he can now provide for a good quality education for his children.
    Courses like Medicine, Science and Technology, Education, Aeronautics, Engineering, Architecture, Music and Arts, Commerce, Military Service, and Foreign Service, Journalism are among recommendable college courses that his children can now choose because Pacquiao has the big means and can well afford for the good future of his children
    To start disciplining also his children as part of nurturing and raising his family and showing a good example for them would lead them to become good and productive citizens of this country in the future. In these things should Manny Pacquiao must focus his attention, time and effort after retiring from boxing. Since he is already re- cognized as a popular a pound-for-pound fighter and is chosen as the Man of the Year 2008 by the Philippines Sportswriters Association, he is now in turn a legend in the field of boxing. Is he not contended and satisfied with this kind of hard-earned benchmark and accolades bestowed on him?
    On the other hand, if Pacquiao really is seriously interested in serving the country as a politician, he must prepare himself by taking a 4-year course in Public Administration and a 4-year-course in law. This is because one of the works of a Congressman or Senator in Congress is to legislate and enact laws. But this will take another long years of dedication and devotion for Manny before he could finished these courses.However,as I have said earlier, in the Philippines our politics is dirty that will most likely would taint his name as former champion boxer.
    If Manny Pacquiao is sensitive enough to perceive the reason why some politicians and businessmen want him to run as Congressman, is that they are only riding on his popularity status. They seem not to look into consideration how the low-graded boxer would fare in his uncharted and unknown course. The only way that Manny can keep his name untainted by political maneuverings and irregularities is to keep away from politics’ temptive prodding and urgings. Those political paddings of condescension and sweet talks are just a passing scene and will vanish in the air after the political campaign sorties. It would be much better for him also to save his millions or billions from being wasted in a political exercise where he has a very slim chance of winning. This is an advice of concern from a fan.
    Furthermore, if any Filipino citizen really wants to serve his country, he/she must prepare himself/herself to any position in the Government Service by taking one or two 4-year college courses needed and required in a government positions he/she is planning to occupy. I don’t think that any position in the Government Service is just a joke that anybody will just be allowed to run even without meeting first the necessary requirements and qualifications. To run for any government position should not be a product of an actor’s,actress’or any other Filipino’s whims and caprices but of being and having prepared for such positions by finishing a 4-year college course or courses. A simple law stating that able to read and write and a natural born Filipino citizen are enough requirements for those who want to run for President or any position in the Government Service must be amended now. This kind of such a very simple law is no longer workable and acceptable in our modern times. The current age of space travel, state-of –the-art gadgets, modern communication facilities, sophisticated weapons of destruction, cellphones and computer-internet connections has shrank the distances of millions of miles among nations by just a cellphone call or a computer-internet click which cause for the transformation of all nations into global communities and global villages.(Quirico M. Gorpido,Jr.)