Sunday, December 14, 2008

Are You Happy?

I am!

So, are YOU happy?

It was Fr. Hilarion who asked the question this morning during his homily. He asked it again and again until everyone answered back. The sermon was all about why you are happy and it made me realize a couple of things.

I've been through 5 weeks of hell. Well, hell for me is being unwell and not being able to do what I usually do. I've been feeling really sad about it too, but thank God my real doctors are back and I'm feeling so much better now. No thanks to the doctor who made a wrong diagnosis when I was in the hospital, I would've probably been in tip-top shape 3 weeks ago if I managed to take the right medication. But, I'm just glad now that I'm (almost) back to my cheery and perky self, I hope though that all the pain would be gone soon.

I'm also happy because I have a loving family, Sweetie and a bunch of really crazy friends who hovered around the past few weeks. And mind you I could get really cranky when I'm sick and I'm just really glad that they put up with me. And I believe that's what is really important in life coz you can do without all those material things, but you cannot do without your family and friends. That would be a really lonely life. Sniff, sniff, sniff.

And it also made me remember an old friend who said that in his province they have to show-off to show their status and wealth. We had an argument about that and it came to a point that he told me I had no ambition. He was then pushing me to buy a car and buy other stuff. I'm a very prudent person especially when it comes to buying things. I buy only when needed (a very important lesson I learned from my Kuya). 

Eventually I parted ways with this friend of mine because he had very different beliefs (and he betrayed me). I can only shake my head now because I got news about him selling his soul, just for money. Well, I hope eventually he'll realize that happiness and wealth is not about having all the latest gadgets or being able to buy material things. 

The gold of happiness is in relationships and not material things. That's what Fr. Hilarion said this morning and I hope you guys are happy too.

Bee happy!


  1. Anonymous10:59 PM

    Well, I was bit "gloomy" during the past. But after reading this blog article, I felt different and wishing to be back to my happy old self again.

  2. I am happy too and I just wrote a post asking this same question :D

    This seems to be the message across the churches today.

    Are You Happy?

  3. on a roller coaster ride nowadays and yes, we just need to see the important things in life to realize that yes, we can be happy without all the trappings of wealth. hope you're feeling better now.

  4. I am happy, too! Let's all roll!

  5. One cannot go wrong putting premium on relationships over material things. Your heart is in the right place, very admirable. Although of course it wouldn't hurt to buy or lust after a car. Hehehe. Lovely blog, I enjoyed reading it.

  6. @jan thanks for visiting! Maybe I'll go get myself a car next year. I've been dilly-dallying for two years now! :)