Friday, December 19, 2008

My Christmas Wishlist

I was blog hopping and noticed that a lot of bloggers had their Christmas wishlist posted! So I thought I'd make one for myself too.

Some of my wishes though are intangible:

1. I want my old Darna self back. I'm getting a whole lot better now, but I know I could be better (still no-thanks to the doctor who gave a wrong diagnosis! Grrr!).

2. Bathroom accessories. I had my bathroom renovated last month and it's pretty bare right now. Also needs a fresh coat of paint, but I'll have to be away before that can be done.

3. Shelves for my books! 

4. Some CDs... Bugoy's new album and some other OPM CDs.

5. Frames! I want to re-decorate my basement and I'm planning to decorate it with as many photos as possible. 

I guess that's just it, I don't really fancy having expensive stuff. Less is more. =)


Now, I know why bloggers have been posting their wish list! It's because of Melo's contest! Join na nga rin ako hehehe :D

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