Thursday, October 9, 2008

What Can You Do in 3 Minutes?

There's so much you can do in three minutes and I think one thing I can do in 3 minutes is make a quick blog post! 

I just got word from friends from SM Hypermarket that Pantene is throwing a bash for bloggers, and I'm quite excited with the plans they have presented. I'm also curious if this event will help tame my monster hair (LOL!).

Here are the details of the party:

Date: October 17, 2008, Friday
Time: 7:00 p.m.
Where: Taste Asia, Mall of Asia (beside SM Hypermarket)
A glimpse of what to expect: photo wall, fabfoto, food (!!!), special cocktail drinks, music and a hanep dress-up of Taste Asia methinks, games where you can win instant prizes!
How to join: Just register here
(to check if you got in, go here)

Oh and a special celebrity guest is set to grace the occassion! 

So what can you do in 3 minutes? Well... sign-up for the party now and find out next week. 

Don't forget to bring your blogger cards so you can pass them around and get traffic from your fellow bloggers. 


(and please do spread the word!)

Side note: our parties are getting to be more exciting!


  1. Party na naman?! Hehe...enjoy!

  2. sana meron din ganyan na mga activities dito for bloggers. problem is, not a lot of aussies blog. Most of my friends do facebook...maybe one day (pag naka uwi ako dyan)

  3. Sino ba ang celebrity endorser ng Pantene ngayon? Si Kris Aquino ba?

  4. Ay ang saya join ako :)

  5. Ang saya nung party... It was my first time to join a bloggers party.. I made a post regarding this:
    Pantene Bloggers Night Out With Judy Ann Santos