Saturday, October 11, 2008


I honestly had no idea what to expect when Blogie invited me to see the animation studio of "Dayo". I was so busy during that time and just checked my calendar if I was available and said, "I'll go!" And I asked if I could bring the Sweetie and the little man. So I dragged Miguel out of his bed last Saturday morning so we could prepare for the 10 a.m. "call time".

I did not get enough sleep, but I immediately perked up when we started the studio tour. Miguel immediately left my side and I saw him observing intently what the animators were doing (and he promptly asked if we could get something like it! Uh-oh). Anyway, it was a great experience since it was my first time in an animation studio and it gave me a warm, fuzzy feeling to witness the making of the first-ever full-digital Filipino animation, Dayo.

Here's my video blog about it -

And here's the trailer of Dayo -

Of course, photos from the tour!

Watch Dayo in December during the Manila Film Fest!


  1. Hey, can we be invited there? They should have a mini-blogger presscon. They'll sure get some fans from us!

  2. @ely that was the mini-blogger presscon hehe, I'll ask Blogie if they'd like to have a part 2 =)

  3. Nice post Anna! Haha! Very interesting post! The trailer's uber-cool! Looking forward on it. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Anonymous11:20 AM

    whoa! cool! i will definitely watch this in december! ;-) it must've been exciting to go on that studio tour!

  5. Interesting new animated film...

  6. Hi Ms. Aileen,

    Glad you enjoyed the Dayo Tour.

    Thanks for coming in behalf of the Dayo Team :)