Saturday, October 25, 2008

Meeting Forrest Gump

I had a fabulous time at Bubba Gump the other day. We came in a bit late and saw this guy looking a lot like Forrest Gump talking to bloggers. 

I was baffled.

Forrest Gump is one of my favorite movies and I watch it often on cable TV when it shows (and I still cry a bit each and every time during sad parts), so I was pleasantly surprised when I saw him at Bubba Gump. Is Forrest Gump for real? 

Nah, the guy was Steve Weber, a motivational speaker based in the US. He visited Manila to promote Bubba Gump and their new menu which we managed to sample. Here's some of their new stuff -

Dynamite Shrimp - Shrimp Poppers

Spicy Jambalaya Pasta - Shrimp and Spicy Andouille Sausage over Linguini with Bourbon Street Tomato Sauce (uber hot pasta that got the guys sweating! LOL)

That Chocolate Thing - A special jar of warm flourless chocolate cake topped with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream, drizzled with raspberry sauce (it looked really sinful so I just tried a small piece)

I also loved the fresh green salad with special salad sauce (I don't remember though what it was, but it was really yummy).

And guess what, I finally won something from Cebu Pacific's in-flight game because of Forrest Gump! They made passengers guess a line from a movie and I won because of Forrest Gump! LOL.

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