Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Thought for the Day

I grabed this photo from Anne's cousin (Dumbo - he made the image). You can never really expect a person to change. It's either you accept him as he is or be miserable if you expect him to change. That's supposed to be love, but I think you should never compromise your values in the process. So... make the right choice. Ahem. ~Nuff said.


  1. Wow! You have your own domain now! Don't just redirect. You can get it to stay at and not just show

  2. Jay was kind enough to set it up for me :) I have a reason why I'm keeping it with the .blogspot... secret! :)

  3. Anonymous11:39 PM

    i have this attitude of always seeing the faults of other people...and trying to change them...without checking if i'm like them..pffft...always been my problem..hehehe..

  4. I agree with you Aileen. Actually, that's my struggle right now coz I'm trying to change "someone" and I get very depressed and disappointed when he doesn't do what I expect him to do.