Sunday, January 29, 2017


Prior to "Big Bang Theory" the sitcom I loved was "Friends". I was stuck inside a plane in the past week so I got to watch season 6 again (yup all 24 episodes). I was left on a cliffhanger though because Chandler's proposal to Monica I think was shown as the first episode of season 7.

It's been more than 10 years since the final episode of "Friends" showed, but it's still fun to watch. I'm sad though that my complete set went underwater due to Typhoon Ondoy (but maybe the one who gave it to me will give me a new set haha). The show is really funny and the character stories grew throughout the years, so it's still good to watch every so often (very high entertainment value!).

Here's the cast more than 10 years after during a tribute to James Burrow -

They guested on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" too -

Too bad the show ended. "Big Bang Theory" is now on it's tenth season, I hope it won't end though. 

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