Thursday, August 4, 2016

24 days to 10: The Interviews

Just like everyone else I got a job at Google through the usual process. I applied online. I had heard about the opening from my boss, but it was only 6 months after when I submitted my application on a whim because I was feeling quite frustrated that day. I didn't expect to get a response or even be considered. I went through a gazillion interviews and background checks and eventually onboarded on my birthday.

I did not plan to work for a global company. I was quite happy with what I was doing at work, but eventually wanted to find work that would allow me more time to spend with Miguel. I was sent to Hongkong for a panel interview and at that time I did not own a laptop. I just lamely said that my laptop was in the shop and I needed to borrow one for my presentation. I had a copy of my presentation in 2 USB sticks and 2 CDs.

My Mom was hospitalized the week before my interview in Hongkong and she was discharged the day before I left. I planned to re-schedule but my parents said it was a good opportunity. I felt I wasn't prepared enough, but my Kuya told me when I was on the way to the hotel that if the job was meant to be mine God would guide me through it.

And so I went to Hongkong for the panel interview. I presented what I thought would be a good business plan and my wishlist for the Philippines. My Kuya's message helped me to remain calm and collected throughout the interview and I just prayed that if the role was meant for me I would get it. The challenge though did not end there since I still went through several interviews. My last interview was done through a video call. My Dad had to drive me to the venue because I was having very high fever that day. The doctor had wanted to confine me but I couldn't back out of the interview. I must have made sense because a few days later I was told that I got the job.

The journey was unplanned, but throughout the years I have always felt a guiding hand showing me the way. I rooted myself to the value of helping users learn and the choices I have made as I go around the company stay true to that. I also forever grateful for the help of former bosses, mentors and customers who served as my references (Ms. Menchie, Ms. Connie, Bunny, Mike, Robbie, Dr. Ned and Mr. Diago) and my recruiter (Lauren).

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