Monday, June 20, 2016

Firestarter Venom

There were two movies I watched when I was a child that have scarred me forever -- "Firestarter" (the one Drew Barrymore starred in) and "Venom".

Up to this day my hands shake whenever I need to light a match and I could never start the gas stove here in Singapore (I use an induction stove here and an electric stove in Manila and I starve whenever there's no electricity). It did not help that our gas stove when I was a kid used to spew out fire every so often whenever someone was cooking (I have since replaced my Mom's stove back home). I stay away from sparks and fire mainly because of the movie "Firestarter". Maybe I should watch the movie again and get a better perspective of the film since the only thing I recall about the movie now is Drew Barrymore blowing up stuff because she could start a fire just by squinting. Hmmm... or maybe I could just ask my Kuya to heal me from the trauma.

I mentioned in a previous post that I'm also scared of snakes. I know now that they will only attack you when provoked (thanks to NatGeo channel) and that expert handlers can pick up venomous snakes with ease. The movie "Venom" though featured a snake (a black mamba) that would attack anyone on its path. I watched the movie at an impressionable age (I must have been six or seven) and the image of the black mamba slithering through walls waiting to attack anyone has been stuck on my mind eversince. I'm okay with other reptiles, but snakes just simply give me the creeps mainly because of that movie. I read some comments about the film though and it mentioned that it had veered away from the book. Ahhh, maybe I should read the book to better understand the movie. Anyway, I'm sure a lot of you have not watched the film, check out this short trailer I found on YouTube.

Now I realize why my sister insisted on censoring what I would watch since my Mom just let me watch whatever I wanted back then haha. I still haven't watched "Basic Instinct"! Gaah!

What about you? Did you watch any films when you were young that left a big impression on you? Traumatized you? Shaped who you are now? On the fun side other unforgettable films I watched when I was a kid were "ET" "Back to the Future" "Star Wars" and "Dead Poets Society". Ahhh probably why I'm so geeky LOL.

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