Monday, March 28, 2016

What has this World Come To?

Easter has come once again. A great time for redemption (more than new year!). I sat in church yesterday thinking about what I could improve on. I know I need to learn to be more patient. Be more forgiving. Be more thoughtful, more loving. Be stronger. Be accepting of who I am and my weaknesses. I was sad because I feel I had made some choices that have severely affected my family. I could've done things that could have corrected things much earlier.

That's me. My life, but with the chance to change. To correct. To fix. I can move it to a better path which means love would still win.

I read about what happened in Pakistan. Innocent children died because of hatred. It is so sad. I have been trying to understand why this is happening, but I do not have an answer. To those who have a conscience this is horrible. An act against humanity. But to those who do this, they do not have a conscience. They do not respect life.

What can we do? As an individual there's very little we can do except to be mindful of our surroundings. The Singapore MRT video reminds us every day to be watchful and to report anything suspicious. Today's world is really scary and as Superman said, "Man has built a world where no one can remain good." A great philosopher once said, "Man is good" and I believe that. There's good in all of us. We can just hope and pray that those who are lured to do evil would let the good in them come out.

And that is what Easter is about. Be good. Make the right choices and help make this world better. 

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