Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Housewife Diary: the Horror Story

Called up Mom to rant about cleaning the baget's room. I've been asking him to clean his room in the last few months. I didn't dare even enter his room for fear that I might step on a snake (just toys!). I haven't had a cleaning lady in the last few months because my Mom found out she was stealing, so she got fired. It's been hard to find trust-worthy help so we decided to just do the house chores ourselves except ironing clothes since my Mom insisted we just have it done by her helper.

Mom's helper eloped last week and just disappeared. She left an apology letter to my Mom to say she was always tired because she was pregnant and was too embarrassed to face her. Sayang, she was a good and efficient helper. I just hope she would be able to cope with her issue.

So I thought my Mom would commiserate with me, but she just chuckled and said, "He's a boy and they're just really like that." I was shocked! I'm messy too and my Mom used to fix my room all the time (until the day I left home when I got married) and she'd scold me each and every time. I figured though she liked doing it so it was fine. She wasn't one to read private stuff (it was my Dad who I caught reading my diary!!!), so I let her be.

I guess it's payback time since the bagets just doesn't seem to have time to clear out his stuff. I thought I'd need a shovel to clear out the floor of his room. It took me three hours, but I did find $100, PhP1,000 and lots of coins lying around. So maybe I'd just go ahead and confiscate it from him to teach him a lesson. He needs to learn the value of the things that are given to him and be more appreciative of what he has. Sermon sa akin yan pag-uwi nya mamya. 

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  1. wahahahahaha :)) baka prize niya para siyo so u wud clean up more often for him :))