Sunday, December 2, 2012

Be Thankful!

I've been feeling homesick the past week and haven't been feeling well because of a viral infection. I decided to hear mass in the morning today and was surprised that the mass was celebrated by an archbishop from the Holy See! What a rare treat I thought since the last time I heard mass celebrated by someone from Rome was when I attended World Youth Day (Pope John Paul).

It was a great way to start Advent, a reminder to start preparing myself for Christmas. The first I usually take is to be thankful of all the blessings and challenges that I received in the past year. I mention challenges also because it helps build character and a firmer faith.

Many years ago I fell into a rut. This was the time things felt like everything was falling apart in my life. I knew the only way I could get out of the hole was to get myself out of it. The best advise I got back then was when I read a book by Bo Sanchez (I don't remember which one coz I think I've read most of it). He said that when you're stuck in a rut one of the best things to do is count your blessings.

At first I had a hard time listing down one blessing. I soon realized that blessings do not come only in huge packages, but could be simple things. From one a day my blessings list soon multiplied to three, five, ten, twenty etc. and I was soon back to my normal perky, cheerful self.

So now that I'm feeling a bit blue this is what I'm going to do. Today's blessing though came as a huge package for me. The GDG Philippines community who did a Sanitation Hackathon the whole weekend in Manila, Baguio, Bacolod, Cebu, Davao and Zamboanga. Their initiative together with GBG Philippines would surely help many people :)

Be thankful!

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