Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Typhoon Gener

I did a little research about the number of typhoons that hit the Philippines in a year. Some sources say that we average about 19, some say 26. The typhoons doesn't hit Metro Manila all the time, but more often than not we'd feel it especially if it hits Northern Luzon. I can no longer count the number of typhoons I've experienced, but I can fairly say that I've been through at least a hundred in my lifetime.

Last weekend Typhoon Gener hit the country. It brought both winds and rain. Some of the typhoons I've experienced would just either bring wind (Basyang) and some just rain (Ondoy). Typhoon Gener was different because for the first time I heard the wind howl. It was strange and scary and I knew that we'd eventually lose power.

I was trying to blog when I heard a loud explosion and a few seconds after electricity was gone. We tried to monitor the weather situation through an Android radio app, but soon realized it was draining Sweetie's phone battery too fast. I remembered we had a tiny radio and Sweetie dug it up so we can check what's happening (standard technology is still in for brownouts!). (I never thought I'd be just like my parents haha).

I woke up the next morning freezing because the fan was already on. Power was back so I immediately turned on my desktop to check if Miguel's school called off classes. After that I checked my social networking sites and was surprised with a post made by Kuya Edwin.

One of our old trees in our church vicinity toppled over during the evening, narrowly missing Mama Mary and the Unborn Child Monument. Check out how the tree avoided hitting Mama Mary.

My Mom dropped by to visit me yesterday morning and I asked her if she heard about it. She didn't, so I showed her the photos. She was really surprised and immediately left to check what happened.

No one was hurt, especially not Mama Mary. This makes me believe furthermore that Mama Mary is looking over our parish. :)

*Thank you to Kuya Edwin who lent me his photos for this post. He is btw our #1 barangay kagawad.

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