Monday, April 4, 2011

Help Map the Philippines

Following the Google Geo User Summit last week, the mappers said that they wanted to do mapping parties for the Philippine Red Cross and my friend, Dennis, from the PRC said he's looking forward to these mapping parties. Mapping would help the Philippine Red Cross when help is need in specific areas (check out here how mappers helped out during Typhoon Ondoy). The more we map, the more lives we can help save.

What is a mapping party anyway? A lot of my friends smile whenever I mention the phrase to them. It may sound geeky, but it's basically just getting together to map your neighborhood. Know more about how to plan a mapping party here. Mapping on Google Mapmaker is easy, here's one of the video tutorials -

To learn more about mapping on Google Mapmaker, visit

Here's some timelapse videos of how maps data has grown in some provinces in the Philippines:

We have still a long way to go! If you'd like to help map for the Philippine Red Cross, kindly fill out this form

The Pinoy super-mappers -


  1. Sayang. I recently moved to a condo so wala akong kilala sa neighborhood namin. I'll share this to my friends back in my old subdivision in Cainta though.

  2. @Ryan great idea! You can start with 4 of your friends. Please do fill-out the form if you want to do one. Thanks!

  3. Ayun! Thanks for this Aileen :D

  4. @Nina organize ka ng mapping party. Will send you shirts if ya like ;)