Friday, April 15, 2011


I've always been curious about my ancestors because I only got to meet one grandparent - my Mama Lola, unless you count my Papa Lolo's surprise ghostly visit to me when I was 4 years old. He was in full white military uniform and since he was smiling at me I started chatting with him. I was just a kid, so it did not occur to me that he was visiting me from heaven in San Francisco! He's only done that to me and my nephew, Gabby.

Sometimes I feel short-changed because I did not have the opportunity to be dotted on by my other grandparents. My Mama Lola though made up for it because I was always at her side. She spoiled me and they say that I am very much like her -- loves bags, sewing (I used to when I was a kid), and eccentric. I loved spending time with her and oftentimes drove her crazy. She left us though when I was 12.

I learn a little about my ancestors during (maternal) family gatherings. My cousin, Kuya Koko, presented during one Christmas reunion our family crest and showed our family tree which was traced from Spain. Recently, during my Tito Mon's funeral I learned that his namesake went back to Europe during war time and never came back. I have little knowledge on my paternal ancestors. I only know that my grandparents eloped and had 9 children, my Dad being the youngest. I also know that both my Lolos were hunks!

And that's probably why I've always been fascinated with the movie "Back to the Future" and originally wanted to take up archeology in college. I've always wanted to learn more about my ancestors. Their quirks, favorite food, what they did for a living and if I'm like them in any way. I don't want to learn about it though through ghostly appearances! I do appreciate though that my Papa Lola visited me, my nephew said he looked exactly the same when I saw him (he just recognized him when he saw a photo by accident). Too bad I don't think anyone of time liked writing because we haven't found any old diary lying around!

Anyway, I'm writing this for the sake of Miguel and my nephews and nieces in case they become curious to find out more about their ancestry. Hopefully when my cousin comes back from the US I can get a copy of our family tree from him. Well, someday I'll meet them when it's time for me to party up there.

And if, by chance, this gets read by my future grandchildren or great-grandchildren. Hello! You're lucky I like writing hehehe.

*First photo - Francisco and Merced Enrile (Papa Lolo and Mama Lola)
**Second photo - Ramon T. Enrile Sr. (June 24, 1863 - January 15, 1924) and Paulina Soler de Enrile (April 29, 1866 - August 19, 1937)

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  1. I feel interesting to read your post and I am wondering even now a days there are people who remember their Ancestors. Great work keep it up. Enjoyed reading your post..