Sunday, April 17, 2011

For Denz and Leejay

We waited for this wedding for over a decade, approximately 14 years I think.

Leejay, I met you while you were still part of the children's choir (together with my crazy neighbor, Jajah, who was your best bud back then). I tried really hard to find the photo where you guys had on white togas and a huge purple bow, but it escaped me.

Denz, I met you in our alma mater while you were part of Harlequin Theater. You became my friend for life when you brought Alan, my thesismate, to my house at two in the morning. And then eventually you joined the choir.

Who would have ever thought that someday the two of you would tie the knot. Well... I did. Jajah did. Everyone else did, except the two of you. And that's why we just let you be when you started having coffee time on your own (notice I did not term it as "coffee date"). We knew that something was brewing, but you guys were taking your own sweet time.

I wasn't surprised when one day I received a call from Denz. He told me he was falling in love with Leejay. He didn't want to since you were best friends and he didn't want to ruin your friendship. At last! I thought and I was one of those who encouraged him to pursue Leejay. And when I got the chance, I gave Leejay some unsolicited advise to take the chance and get in a relationship with Denz. Now na!

Well, you guys made up for it and here you are, MARRIED! It was truly a pleasure to witness how God wrote your love story and here's the video I put together with the help of Jajah, Ate Edith, Kuya Yul, Ate Rose, JM and Jay. I shed some tears while making the video because I realized how much you guys have been part of my life.

Take care and may God bless you with many, many kids!

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