Monday, July 26, 2010

The Majestic Mayon Volcano

I am Bicolana. My Mom was born in Pamplona and my Dad was Ateneo de Naga's basketball rockstar in the 1950s. I am a hilaw na Bicolana though because I cannot speak the local dialect, but I do understand it fairly well. I also fail at eating spicy dishes, but I absolutely love Bicol dishes (sans siling labuyo).

Locals always tell me that I am lucky that everytime I go to Bicol the Mayon Volcano shows itself. When I arrived early Friday morning I couldn't help but utter a loud, "Wow" when I saw the Mayon from the plane's window. The majestic Mount Mayon commands you to look at it. I have seen the Mayon many times already but I always find myself in awe of its beauty.

I have many happy childhood memories of Bicol and I can still clearly remember when I was a toddler my Dad would bring me up to the roof of the Apolo ancestral house (it's the base of the Moderna Bakery) in Naga. Early in the morning one could see (if you are lucky) the Mayon. Most of my drawings when I was a kid include coconut trees, our beach and the Mayon Volcano.

Best time to visit Bicol and see the beautiful Mayon Volcano is during the non-rainy season (December to May).

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