Wednesday, July 14, 2010


So we all thought that typhoon Basyang was one of those mahinhin ones. By midnight she was battering our home like how a Gargantuar does it on Plants vs. Zombies. We all thought wrong (except Pag-asa of course).

Winds from typhoon Basyang woke me at around midnight. I woke Sweetie up and told him there was a helicopter hovering above our house. He said it was just probably the wind and promptly went back to sleep. I peeked outside the window and saw trees dancing wildly. I also saw flashlights bobbing up and down from within neighbor's houses. And then I heard the sound of a metal sheet (yero) flapping around.

Eventually Sweetie got up and closed the windows. It was either we get wet or we feel warm. The winds got muffled a bit and that was the time I finally fell asleep. I know there are far worse typhoons but when I still lived in my basement most of it were muffled (like Ondoy) and I just usually slept through it. I guess this will be my life for now, sleeping beside a window.

*will add photo later

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  1. I got used to typhoons no matter how hard they hit. Coming from Marikina, we've experienced the worsts. Plus my room was also on the 2nd floor of my parents' house so I knew how strong typhoon winds sound and act when in higher ground and got used to it (including the swaying trees and metal sheets pounding noises).

    Seems like this was a baptism of fire for you since your old room was in the basement which doesn't get the most impact during gusty winds (now for floods, that's a different matter). Don't worry, I'm here, and if it bothers you next time, we can stay downstairs.