Sunday, June 20, 2010

Humility and my Dad

"Do not set yourself up to be served."

I don't remember the exact words that Fr. Hilarion said this morning during his homily. It was a timely reminder for me since sometimes I do get carried away whenever someone heaps you with praises (my boss just recently gave me a huge pat on my back recently). Fr. Hilarion, who's probably in his 90s now (he was one of the first 3 Passionist Fathers who came to the Philippines) defnitely burst my bubble and put me back in my rightful place.

It was a good time as well to reflect on how my Dad taught me the value of humility. He did it by example. I am a Daddy's girl and I remember my Dad would always bring me to Quad and we'd have merienda at Luk Yuen. He'd also bring me to the tennis court whenever he played tennis and I saw the good camaraderie they had. It wasn't all eat and play, my Dad also brought me to the different projects he initiated and was involved in our Parish. The most memorable for me though was when he worked out to free an innocent man from prison and when they embarked on getting our Parish Church built.

My Dad's 77 years old now, retired and just resting at home. He doesn't get around as he used to, but I see a lot of his friends visiting him at home, oftentimes just to chat or ask for advise. This morning his friends from Knights of Columbus had a "couples" breakfast at home because they were going to have a marriage encounter activity. My Dad gave up a lot for us (especially the offers he got to run for government) and he didn't become spectacularly popular, but he has served (and continues to do so) and he has done this with much humility.

I love you Dad. Happy Father's Day.

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