Tuesday, June 29, 2010


The nightmare has began. We've started scouting for a school for Miguel since he's already a senior in high school. My Mom didn't have a hard time when it was my time since my school then did everything for us. We just filled-out the forms and paid and then we were given the exam permit. I'm not sure though with Miguel's school and I was told that's it's really better to submit applications early.

Here's a couple of information I found online. I will be updating this post as soon as I get new updates.

University of the Philippines (admissions page)
Application deadline: June 18, 2010
Examination schedule: August 7 and 8, 2010
(provincial testing centers will follow a different timeline)

Ateneo de Manila University (admissions page)
Application period: June 15 to August 9, 2010
Fee: PhP500

De La Salle University (admissions page)
Application period: June 1 to August 30, 2010
Fee: PhP600

Mapua Institute of Technology
Application period: no announcement yet

University of Sto. Tomas (admissions page)
Application period: July 1 to December 10, 2010
Fee: __

Mommies! Be sure to prepare the following:
1. ID photos: 1"x1", 2"x2", 1.5"x1.5", passport size (you never know when you'll need it!)
2. Background information about your child: achievements, club memberships, contests joined
3. Copy of report card (just in case), but you'd usually have to request for the "Certificate of Scholastic Record"
4. List of courses that your child is interested to take.

Miguel and I started a Google spreadsheet last summer and this is where we placed all pertinent information about the schools and background information. I had Miguel do the research and we're constantly updating the spreadsheet (this is actually good training for him since I'm sure he'll be collaborating with classmates for papers in college hrhr).

Good luck to us Mommies!

Also thinking about whether Miguel should commute to school or have him stay near school. SM Development Corporation launched last week "MyPlace South Triangle" located on Mother Ignacia Avenue, Quezon City. You may call 858-0300 for inquiries. I'll probably be doing some research on this topic as well. Will post when I get more information about it.


  1. Wow time flies by so fast ha and Miguel is going to be in college in a few :)