Sunday, April 4, 2010

My First 100 Days as a Wife

There's a lot of countdowns happening lately (#elections, #countdowntostepdown) and I just noticed from a wedding countdown widget I placed in my Facebook account that 100 days have passed since Sweetie and I tied the knot.

100 Days!

Time flew by so fast and we haven't even been able to send out our Thank You cards yet and we haven't started work on our wedding album. Funny coz we haven't even printed any of our photos yet! I'll make it a point to finish this project this month of April.

The first problem we faced after the wedding was how to get to our hotel since the bridal car didn't show up. Our parents, relatives and friends either left already or wouldn't be able to fit us in their car. Luckily Juned brought his "schoolbus" (delivery van actually) and that's how we managed to get back to the hotel. The lobby area was pretty filled up and imagine the surprise of the people when we went down the van (check out the photo here). Haha! Inasmuch as we were both sleepy already (I was up by 2:30 a.m.) we decided to hang out with our blogger friends first at Podium.

We decided to check out of the hotel the day after the wedding since there was so much to do at our new home. My parents' golden wedding anniversary celebration was also just a few days away and I wanted to spend some time with my siblings who flew in from the US and Jakarta. We didn't realize that we brought so much stuff with us we felt that it would've been hard to take a cab home. Good thing Jay's parents offered to pick us up and bring us to our new home.

This video shows the first thing we did when we got home:

Our place was a huge mess since we just started hauling in stuff a week before the wedding. We didn't have a bed yet so we just borrowed a foldable mattress from my Mom (we slept on the floor for a few days until we decided to buy a mattress). 

When we got home we tried to fix some stuff and then realized that we needed to eat, so we decided to open some of the gifts and tried to figure out which one was a microwave, an airpot and rice cooker. It took a few days before we managed to open all the gifts. 

Our first breakfast was served on a paper plate and placed on top of a bag because we didn't have a dining table yet (we still don't have own one until now and the one we are using is my Mom's extra table).

Our first full meal at home was... Binalot! 

Our first dinner was canned tuna adobo with some maki from SM Hypermarket and sliced tomatoes. 

When we finally opened all the gifts we discovered that we were proud owners of FIVE irons! The only thing I knew how to iron (during that time) were hankies! 

Most of our meals for 2 weeks were leftovers from the family gatherings and parties that we went to. Our first cooking attempt was aborted because we didn't know that it's normal for electric stoves to emit white smoke the first time you turn it on. Eventually though Miguel moved in with us and I quickly had to learn how to cook.

The first thing I cooked was Maling!

Eventually moved on to omelets (this one looks like scrambled egg though).

Our first laundry day was a traumatic experience. It definitely alerted our neighbors that someone moved in at apartment A and the new tenants seemed to be doing their laundry (or playing drums?). After 2 attempts I asked my Mom if her maid can do laundry for us for our first month.

We had to quickly organize our new home for the installation of the Sacred Heart and house blessing. My Mom insisted that we had to do this immediately so that our home would be blessed. 

And then we left for a not-so-honeymoon trip to Singapore (I had work!). Sweetie ended up going around Singapore by himself. Boo!

To be continued...


  1. Hello, Aileen, I found out about your blog from a friend who alerted me about your bridal car mishap (she was one of your wedding guests).

    Congratulations on your first 100 days! I love your posts about married life, I'm getting married next year and I really appreciate honest blog posts like yours.

    Looking forward to more posts, I'm reading your other blog as well.

  2. gusto ko ring iblog ang 100 days ko as a husband someday nice...kahit blogmates lang tayo, masaya ako para sa inyo..100 days ofr fruitfulness, marriage, and love is great..hundred more sets of 100 days hehe ^_^ God bless in all your plans...hope to read more of your posts ^_^

  3. ahahaha. I love this post. Definitely brings back memories. And your adventure from day 1 till teh 100th day was something to treasure and look back in your 10th, 25th, 50th, 75th and hopefully 100th wedding anniversary. :)


  4. @Dea salamat sa pagbabasa! :)

    @Sendzki you should!

    @Francesca Ivy the days after the first 100 would definitely be different :)

  5. You're married na pala...Congrats. Oi do not eat Ma-Ling na...A current Affair TV program here in Australia had Ma-Ling tested. They found out some cans contain all sorts of meat, Cats and Rats included.

  6. nakakatuwa talaga pagmasdan pictures...akin na ung isang plantsa ! hehe

  7. So happy for you Ate Ai! :) Cute stories.

    Btw, kung may balak ka ipamigay yung extra gifts... I want the kitchen sutff. HAHA!

  8. hi, napadaan lang at nagbasa ng iyong adventure kasama ang hubby mo, kakatuwa ano pag bagong kasal. araw araw e may bagong pag aaralan lalo na kung gusto mong maimpres ang hubby mo di ba? good luck sayo at wish ko na sana e thousands of hnderd days pa ang dumating sa buhay nyo as husband and wife...ingat...

    dalaw ka kay payatot blog ha

  9. hahahaha! katuwa ang daming iron! hahaha :D

  10. Hi! I was directed here via Nica's blog... Nice post... Your post got me excited on my first 100 days as a wife as well :) More posts please :)