Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday

We always spent Holy Week in Bicol when I was a kid. We'd leave in the wee hours of the morning on a Monday and usually arrive at around lunch time. It was a painstakingly long trip and during the 80s car aircon wasn't a norm. I managed by sleeping the whole trip. I'd usually just wake up at four points: (1) at the Yakult office somewhere in Laguna, (2) the mermaid monument somewhere in Quezon, (3) at the Emme in Quezon and (4) at the Pamplona-Pasacao intersection in Camarines Sur.

We have a small beach front place in Camangui, Pasacao and I always ran to the shore when we arrive. It's usually high tide when we get there and I'd always beg to be allowed to take a dip before having lunch. It was always hard for my parents to get me out of the water especially during lunch time. I always paid the price though because after 2-3 days I'm usually sunburnt.

I'm never allowed to swim on Good Fridays. I was told that the sea wasn't blessed and that it was dangerous to go in the water. I always ended up sulking the whole day. One thing notable though, year-in, year-out at exactly 3 in the afternoon the weather would change. It would become gloomy and the sparkling blue sea would become blackish.

I have been spending Good Friday in Manila for about a decade now and I terribly miss our little paradise in Bicol. It saddens me that we eventually might have to let go of it to mend my leaky heart.

May your Good Friday be a meaningful one!

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