Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Day I Became a TV Ad Model

Imagine my surprise when I saw my photo included in a TV commercial of a contest sponsored by a cable network. I don't really pay attention to TV commercials. I multi-task while watching TV so I usually have my laptop turned on.

We had a very late lunch yesterday because I was so engrossed with work. Sweetie turned the TV on while we were eating and settled on AXN. I got curious when I heard an ad about a free trip to Boracay. I looked up and was shocked to see my photo in the ad. What were the chances that there'd be another girl wearing shades, a sleeveless black top with a green bikini underneath, with the exact same pose I did when Sweetie took my photo? Because I gave a startled shout of surprise, both Miguel and Jay looked at me. I said, "Picture ko yun!"

Of course I remember the photo. I posted it at Lakwatsera Ako two years ago. Sweetie said, "Sigurado ka?" I replied that I was sure because it's one of my favorite photos. I was rushing out to go to a meeting, so I Plurked about it and some friends said they'd watch out for it. A Plurk friend though picked it up and said that she'd bring it up with the network.

I received an apology a few hours ago from the agency that did the ad. They admitted that it was their oversight. I haven't replied to them yet since I want to consult my Dad about it first. Plagiarism is something that I really frown upon. I understand that agencies can be hardpressed for resources that's why they end up copying stuff online. They don't realize that at the end of the day the embarrassment is with the client. If you need something and you found it online all you need to do is reach out to the owner of that photo and ask.


(I had a previous post about plagiarism, check it out here).


  1. wow sikat! hehehehe. kaso di sila nagpa alam.. tsk tsk tsk.. hehe

  2. don't even get me started. i once found out my blog posts were being broadcast on another blog without permission. make them pay! not literally, just make 'em hurt so they learn a thing or two about attribution.

  3. They probably found it through a search engine...

  4. whew..plagiarism is serious..pero wow..ok un ah! super model in an instant! hehe