Thursday, December 24, 2009

Pasko Paksiw Pasko Paksiw!

I must say that Pasko-paksiw is one of the hardest tongue twisters around. I can only reach up to the fifth repetition then I'm a goner.

It's Christmas again! I've been too busy to blog the past few weeks and just wanted to greet everyone a happy, happy Christmas. Also please don't forget to pray for those who have been severely affected by Mount Mayon's volcanic activity and the fires that's been happening all over the Metro. They'll be celebrating Christmas at evacuation centers.

Every year is like our favorite paksiw. There are times we are bitter from bad things that happen, but there are a lot of times too that things are just so sweet. This year has got to be one of the most challenging for me. I was really sick the first few months and almost had heart surgery. But on the other hand even though my physical heart was wonky it was filled with so much love and hope. I lost most of my stuff during Typhoon Ondoy, but looking back I also received so much blessings and having my Mom help me helped get me back on my feet fast.

I guess that's just how things really are, there will always be a good balance between good and bad and besides God only gives us what we can bear.

Happy birthday Jesus! May we always remember that this season is for you.

Hugs to everyone!

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