Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My Last Few Days as a Singleton

The past few months have been really crazy for me. There was typhoon Ondoy, then I had to handle a project that took up every waking moment and required me to travel a lot and then wedding preparations. I realized last night that I have not spent any quality time for myself before the wedding.

After getting scolded by some friends and colleagues I finally succumbed and asked permission from my boss to take some time off. I did. But I've still been doing some work the past week and finishing up with preparations for the wedding. Good thing my loyal and lovable high school friends have been really helpful and they've planned out a surprise for Sunday. I really have no idea what they are up to and they've been really secretive about it!

Anyway I've been experiencing some wedding jitters already and that's the reason why I have not been able to blog. I thought I'd make a list of stuff I'd do before the big day:

1. Get a massage, body scrub and a facial.
2. Buy myself a Christmas gift.
3. Go out with the girls.
4. Get a lot of shut-eye.
5. Spend some time with the son, the siblings and the bestfriend.

Any other suggestions?


  1. don't stress out sweetie. as true as there is much to do, it can be done without being stressed out.

    and enjoy your friends' company. :D

  2. good luck on your wedding, maam! and jay is right; don't stress yourself out. enjoy the moments that will come.

  3. hai po pwede link exchange? :D

    shoot me an email at kung pwede hehe thank you :)