Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Bridal Car that Never Showed Up

Before the year ends I thought I'd leave this bit of bad news first. On my wedding day my bridal car did not show up! Imagine me waiting at the hotel's carport desperately calling up Jack & Jenn Catering and my groom. When my Dad started to stress out I knew that I just needed to be calm, so I called up my friend who was helping out for the wedding and asked him to pick me up from the hotel. Lucky enough I arrived on the dot with a freaked out taxi driver hehehe.

After the reception Jay and I didn't have transpo back to the hotel, so our dear friend, Juned, offered his trusty delivery Ford Fiera (yup PickFresh) which everyone coined as Bridal One (any transpo the US President goes on becomes Airforce One).

Presenting Bridal One (photo by Blogie Robillo):

For the full story please visit Twisted Wedding Planner.


  1. Now that the wedding's over, this seems like a funny story, one you'd tell your children and grandchildren over and over. But I could just imagine how frazzled your nerves were.

    The song that comes to mind is "Get Me to the church on Time". Ha ha.

  2. @em-dy funny, I was thinking about that song on the way to church! hehehehhe.

  3. I was surprised when Juned told me last Tuesday na siya ang naghatid sa inyo and how the hotel staff got surprised with the "bridal one".

    Nevertheless, the wedding was so beautiful Aileen. I will always remember it.

  4. Yes, nakakagalit nga, but its funny in a sort of indie film way. :) More stories to tell your future kiddoes!

  5. oh no! what happened to the bridal car? :( You look great in the pics though! Congratulations and best wishes!

  6. memorable nga! bongga!

    @poytee ganun na nga! Buti may pics by Blogie!

    @meow case of gross negligence on the part of Jack & Jenn.