Monday, August 17, 2009


Last Saturday at the invitation of Gary, Sweetie and I got to watch Pagcor's newest show "Flow". I was keen on watching since we also got to see Wanders last year and it was spectacular! I was a bit nervous though about seeing performers flying around again.

Flow tells the story of life through dance. It starts with the creation of "Flow" and I was awed by the interpretation since they started it off from the back (that's why it would be better if you stay at the back for this show). The dumdumdum was electrifying and signaled a good start for the show. My heart stopped when Flow's parents flew up in the air by hanging onto cloth and then seeing Flow as a child do a hand stand on a six-foot base and I can't describe the contortions she did. Just think wala siyang buto! Observe how Flow grew up throughout the show :)

There were magical moments too. I still can't figure out how the magician managed to transport 2 singers to the back (they must've run really fast!) and how the dancers changed from white into colorful costumes. It was also interesting to see the Manuevers dancing together with some of the Chinese acrobats. And can you imagine how many people can ride onto 1 BMX (bike)?

I'm glad my heart is still pumping since there were a lot of things in the show that made my heart stop. Flow also had a lot of Pinoy in it compared to Wanders probably because they had Mel Villena at the helm for music. Also found the use of CGI for background interesting.

It was an interesting show and if you missed Wanders, you should watch this! Flow is showing on August 18, 19, 28, and 29 at the Pagcor Theater in Paranaque. Watch the preview here.

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